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          Applying to Schools and Universities abroad could be a lot of work for a lot of students due to their lack of experience and guidance. This will not anymore be a problem for you, since we are the Thailand representative for many of the top schools and universities around the world. The students who worked with us in the past were satisfied with our “one-stop service” where we could take care of all their needs: Recommending best schools for them, preparing their application, preparing payment procedure, and organizing entrance testing and interviewing. Moreover for students and parents who are interested in visiting the schools and universities campus, we have helped them making the visit appointments to fulfill their needs. Even though we are not a representative of every schools and universities, we have the knowledge to advise and consult how to create a strong application to every places. All of our consulting and application assisting services are free of charge. Parents and students may check the list of schools and universities that we represents from the Partner section.