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Generally speaking, homeschooling is known as schooling method normally conducted by parents planning curriculum, teaching their kids by themselves and hiring tutors for some particular units. With such method, children are able to spend most of their time outside school with their parents while they still continue their studies to get the entrance into university. This learning method is commonly used by families in Europe and US.

Specifically speaking, Krutoo Homeschool has combined the elements from both homeschool and traditional school. The process starts with “study plan” in which children and parents work out with professional consulting team who is highly experienced in school and university preparation for students for over 10 years. We provide and customize one-on-one mentoring by tutors/teachers who are specializing in certain areas. Apart from tutors’ experience, we also select tutors to match each student’s learning style.

They can pick the date and time of each subjects that suit their schedule. The academic transcript will be reported to parents every months and semesters so children, parents and teachers can be discussed and adjusted the courses according to study plan to achieve the goal.

Additionally, APS Thai Co.,Ltd., as our affiliated company, has been accredited by leading school in UK responsible for study oversea admission and preparation. Our jobs are assisting students in college/university application and organizing special course to have the kids increase in opportunities to develop their performance and to get the kids ready to get into the top colleges and universities.

Krutoo (Dr. Chaleomphol Rujinirund), the founder of Krutoo Homeschool, has designed educational method primarily focuses on relationships among parents, children and tutors/teachers. Once they are well-connected, children will be benefited as they will be instructed effectively and efficiently spending as less time as possible to get themselves prepared for further study in leading college and university.


In general, the top reason parents has been a concern about both inside and outside school environment that lead parents to educate their children at home temporarily while searching for a better school.
More reasons as followings;
- For religious purpose, some Fundamentalist Christians who desire to provide religious and moral instruction to their children before going to school.
- For academic purpose, dissatisfaction with academic curriculums in other schools drives them to leave traditional school and seek for more effective education.
- For accessibility purpose, some families; farmer family as sample, live in rural area where is isolated from the community and difficult to access to public education.
- For roaming purpose, children whose parents temporarily reside or work abroad may be homeschooled so that they can keep their studies continued when relocate to homeland.
-For special or gifted kids, some talented kids; sport players and actors/actress for example, have to devote their time for practice and rehearsal. Homeschool may be good fit for them since they hardly attend traditional school.

In Thailand, I , as the author of the article, am highly experienced not only in homeschooling for students who plan to shift from Thai to International educational system but also arranging curriculums for international students mistaken in study planning. Recently, I have founded that kids tend to aim higher; best colleges, top universities and to achieve their goal of life that’s why homeschooling is the answer.


In Thailand, it is possible for homeschooled kids to study further in Thai university but the process of admission depends on education system.

For students from Thai schools, Office of Non – Formal and Informal Education provides Education Equivalency Program in which students are required to pass the assessments and get the Certification of Equivalent Matthayom 6 before applying for university admission.
For international students from British schools they can do homeschool straight away. - To be eligible to apply for Thai university, 5 IGCSE core subjects pass at C or above is the minimum required to obtain Certification of Equivalent Matthayom 6 issued by Ministry of Education.
- To be eligible to apply for top British university, 9 IGCSE core subjects pass at A* for at least 8 core subjects is required.
For international students from American schools, they can do homeschool straight away as well.
- To be eligible to apply for Thai university, all GED core subjects pass at C or above is the minimum required and directly submit the GED transcript to university as it is equivalent to Matthayom 6 completion. - To be eligible to apply for top university in the United States, GED transcript is to be submitted with presentation national recognized gifts/talents.

Above information may confuse those who have backgrounds of international study. What is wrong with other international continuing education programs such as A-Level, SAT, II, IB and IP? Are IGCSE or GED scores equivalent to Matthayom 6 completion? Are those enough to be eligible to apply for university? The information is suggested by Ministry of Education, for more details please contact Education Equivalency Department, Ministry of Education.

From the author’s perspective, homeschooling for kids who aim high ranking international university is challenging work since there are variety of majors and faculties to be chosen as well as admission criteria is apparently rational.

The leading international universities welcomely accept homeschooled students. However, homeschooled kids have to present distinctive achievements and excellent grade of performance and to outperform the tests and competition set by each country and university. If homeschoolers meet all requirements, they will surely get the place. Admission of Cambridge and Oxford University have confirmed it when the author as the POSN (The Promotion of Academic Olympiad and Development of Science Education Foundation)’s representative attended the convention and searched for information of giving advices for the scholars.


According to previous definition, homeschooling refers to privately educate children at home mentoring by parents and/or tutors.

Before go further, the most important thing must be taken into consideration is coordination among children, parents and teachers/tutor have to be step by step and cleared in order to accomplish the goal.
Step One: Doing some research Children and parents should work together in researching for information and detail, trying to understand options and differences in each country and seeking for advices from reliable experts.

Step Two: Knowing and preparing kids Knowledge and competency assessment are required as well as academic and English language preparation followed by do the “career test”, the test that discovers what they like/dislike, what they love to do, skills they have and their personalities to find out the direction to achieve educational and career goals.

Step Three: Establishing academic structures Homeschoolers have to plan and educational path and organize one-on-one learning schedule. Every core subjects need qualified teachers/tutors, the keyman for doing homeschool successfully. Teachers or tutors have to understand the system of homeschooling clearly and have to be accurate at contents, tests, assessments and scorings so that homeschoolers can bring the transcript to do comparative qualitative assessment in order to get the entrance into higher education and get accepted by top university.

Remarks: APSThai Co., Ltd., the author as a part of the team, is officially accredited representative by several leading schools in UK. Homeschoolers organized the course by APSThai can go further to following colleges
1) Cardiff Sixth Form College, Cardiff, UK
2) D’ Overbroeck’s College, Oxford, UK
3) The International School of Creative Arts, London, UK
4) Cambridge Tutor College, London, UK
5) Abbey College, Cambridge, UK
6) Cambridge Arts and Science (CATS), Cambridge, UK
7) Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts (CSVPA), Cambridge, UK
Apart from above colleges, our homeschooled kids have high potential to be eligible to apply for other international schools or colleges both in Thailand and overseas. Several colleges even set the quota for homeschooled students.


For Prathom 6 or Matthayom 1 (year 6 or year 7) students, they do homeschool for a short period of time to prepare for international entrance examination including students accepted by schools in UK or US who do homeschool for language and academic preparation to get ready before classes commenced.

For Matthayom 2 and Matthayom 3 (year 8 or year 9) students, if they plan to study abroad, UK or US, they may choose homeschooling (1 year IGCSE) during transition period in order to reduce 2 years course (year 10 and year 11) to 1 year course and prepare ahead for year 12 to get as excellent scores as possible to be eligible to apply for top university.

For Thai students (year 12) in Australia or New Zealand, if they plan to move to UK but their academic performance are not satisfied so they can do homeschool during the gap period (1/2 year IGCSE) to finish the missing subjects or regrade to make it possible for favorable university and prepare ahead for year 12 to get as excellent scores as possible to be eligible to apply for top university.

For Thai students with AFS scholarship or else, they had a chance to study abroad for a year and they decide to go for international school both domestic and overseas. They may take homeschool course (1 year IGCSE) and go further for higher education.

For gifted/talented students; national youth sport players, famous actors/actress for example, they are not able to attend traditional schools yet they cannot quit study resulted in they select homeschooling as option to keep their education on the track. Some of them get the school admission and go further for world ranking university.

For Grade 10 or Grade 11 students from American schools, if they underperform academically so they cannot get the place in Grade 12 British schools. Hence, they do homeschool (1 year IGCSE) to regrade to make it possible for favorable university and prepare ahead for year 12 to get as excellent scores as possible to be eligible to apply for top university.

For year 9 students from British schools demoted the class by the school due to unreadiness reasons at the time of admission, which often happens when Thai students move to Singapore. Homeschooling may be an option for them since it allows students to follow the syllabuses and get better grade of performance of 9 to 10 subjects before applying for top university. It also saves the time of year 10 and year 11 (sec 3 – 4) into 1 year. Then students will be back on the track and be able to catch up the previous schedule.

For year 10 students from British schools who make wrong decision on the core subjects due to unreadiness reasons at the time of year 9 completion so they lose a chance to choose core subjects in year 12 leads to lose a chance to get the entrance into favorable major in high ranking university. Doing homeschool (1 year IGCSE) may be the right choice for them just to change core subjects. They will be back on the track, be able to catch up with the previous schedule and be able to study in favorable majors to meet the best university’s requirements.

For year 11 students from British schools with unsatisfied grade of performance, they are unlikely getting accepted by top university (e.g. planning to apply for leading medical school in UK) due to health conditions during exam period or misunderstanding in admission as samples. Thus, they do homeschool (1 year IGCSE) to regrade to make it possible for favorable university and prepare ahead for year 12 to get as excellent scores as possible to be eligible to apply for top university.

For year 11 students from British schools with inadequate grade of performance, they are not able to pass to year 12. Hence, they do homeschool (1 year IGCSE) to regrade to make it possible for favorable university and prepare ahead for year 12 to get as excellent scores as possible to be eligible to apply for top university.

For year 12 students from British schools, if they make wrong decision in which not matched with university’s requirements or they have unsatisfied grade of performance so they cannot get the place in favorable major in top university. They may decide to do homeschool (1 year A-Level) to rearrange core subjects which equals to year 13. They will eventually get back on the track and get into favorable majors in the best university.

For year 13 students from British schools, if they do not like major they get, they plan to apply again for better major and university. The possible way is to take 1 core subject of A-Level to improve grade of performance and obtain apprenticeship experience so that they will be able to apply for favorable major in better university.

To be concluded, homeschooling requires attention, support, knowledge and patience or parents and teachers/tutors who education children. Additionally, to do homeschool successfully, all participants have to place and organize all that matters according to children themselves, areas of interest and favorable university. Therefore, it is a job that requires professionals who can perfectly arrange and conduct processes to accomplish children’s educational goal.

More than 18 years’ experience of the author working in educational advising and mentoring area, it could be said that 99% of these homeschool kids are diligent and willing for success but mistakes happened for some reasons by kids themselves, parents and even schools. However, with suitable care and guidance, more than 90% of these kids will be able to get accepted into good school in UK and US and be able to study further to higher education even Ph.D. graduation from top university becomes possible.

Helping students with lowest scores, students from weakest classes from Thai and International schools both from Thailand and overseas to get the entrance into high ranking schools or universities is the utmost elation.
Dr. Chalermpol Rujinirun

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